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Handmade Tulle Pew Bows for Wedding Ceremony Under $100

Keep your wedding decorating costs down by using pew bows instead of real flowers to decoration your location during the ceremony.

There are many great reasons to use pew bows: 

  • They are reusable
  • They are re-sellable
  • They are easily transportable
  • They won’t wilt or die

Here’s how easy it is to do:

You can buy the pew bows online or purchase pre-made from a store.

We found the handmade tulle and ribbon pew bows (pictured) on Craig’s List for only $60.  This was 50% off what they would have cost if we were to purchase them at a store and they were much more elegant.  There were 18 pew bows total.  We purchased them as “second hand” bows from a bride who was selling items such as her gift card box, unity candle holder, rose petals and pew bows after her wedding.  The bride we bought them from a told us she came up with an idea to have a “bridesmaid bow making party” about one month before her wedding. What fun!

Here’s How To Have a Pew Bow Making Party:

  1. Go to Michael’s Arts and Crafts or Party City and buy the tulle and ribbon.  Keep an eye out for coupons in your Sunday paper for 20% off materials.  The bow making “how to” instructions are marked clearly on each package.
  2. Pre-cut the tulle and ribbon so everything is ready when your friends and family arrive for the “bow making” event.
  3. Serve simple appetizers and drinks for the “bow makers.”
  4. Maybe even watch a fun wedding themed movie while making bows such as Bridesmaids, Runaway BrideFour Weddings and A Funeral or Wedding Crashers.

Simply Chic Bride Suggestion:  At the end of the event perhaps have all the bow makers drop their name in a hat for a drawing as a thank you and give away a gift card, a music CD or a gift basket filled with great smelling lotions and soaps.

Pew Bow Storage, Transportation and Pew Bow Clips:

**Important Tip**   Most churches will not allow anything to be taped or affixed to the church pews.  The clips slide over the top of the pews for easy preparation and dismantling after the service.

  • Once the service is over have your storage tubs handy and a person designated to carefully place the bows back in the tubs to avoid wrinkling for easy resale.

What a wonderful, Simply Chic Bride way for your family and friends to create a great pre-wedding memory and keeping costs down at the same time!

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Branch Out With Inexpensive Holiday Wedding Decorating Ideas

If you are having an upcoming winter wedding this blog post is for you!  Today’s Simply Chic tip focuses on decorating the outside of your home or small wedding venue for under $50.

Here’s how The Simply Chic concept works for this particular tip.  Last summer during a spell of sweltering 90 degree heat I helped my sister weed her large flower garden which was being taken over by daisies and white yarrow.  (If you are a gardener, you know how daisies and white yarrow can make a gardener crazier than Lizzie Borden).   My sister loves decorating for Christmas and she just so happens to have more pine trees on her property than Mr. and Mrs. Claus have at the North Pole.  So we did what any loving sisters would do – we traded our skills and services and blessed each other.  I helped my sister weed her garden and she in turn helped me decorate my window boxes.

Here’s what you’ll need for this simple project:

  • A friend or family member with some pine trees.
  • Approximately 2 hours of time out of your busy schedule.
  • A good pair of gloves, an old coat (that you don’t mind if you get pine sap on), your Ipod with holiday music to get you in the mood, a visiting neighbor dog to keep you company.
  • A home or small venue reception site.
  • Window boxes and outdoor pots.
  • Strings of white or colored Christmas lights.
  • Spray painted ice skates, old fashioned sled, old fashioned letter box.
  • Dried hydrangea, dogwood branches, any of your favorite dried tall stemmed flowers and large pine cones.
  • Outdoor ice lantern mold.

Easy Steps For Beautiful Holiday Window Boxes


  1. Unload and lay out all your pine branches
  2. Place the pine branches in your window boxes to ensure you have enough for the areas you want to cover.  To add texture, place the pine hanging over the edge of the window boxes.
  3. Lay down your Christmas lights evenly dispersed throughout the pine boughs.
  4. Fill in large empty spaces with cute Christmas or holiday winter decorations such as an old fashioned sled or cute children’s skates.
  5. Reduce large boring spots by drawing your eye toward an old toboggan or old fashioned skis.
  6. Add tall dogwood branches, grasses, dried flowers or stiff pine branches for added texture at the back of your boxes.

And there you have it, beautiful Simply Chic outdoor decorations for your winter wedding, all for under $50.

Where items mentioned in this blog can be found:

Bundles of pine cones can be found at Michael’s Stores or arts and crafts stores for under $5.

The skates, skiis, old fashioned sled and toboggan, even the Christmas lights can all be found at local thrift stores or garage sales $30.

The free pine boughs were cut from my sister’s trees.  The free hydrangea and pussy willows were collected at the end of summer from her garden and then dried and stored in her garage until winter.

The ice lantern mold can be found online by googling “Outdoor Ice Lanterns,” or visit European Garden.com.  If you are in Minnesota, I found this one at Otten Brothers Garden  Landscape Center $20.

Do you have any inexpensive outdoor decorating ideas to pass along?  Email us with your photos and tips!

“You are wealthy when you have something money can’t buy.”

~ Garth Brooks



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How Did I Start This Blog?…Let Me Count The Ways

The idea for this blog came to me about two weeks after the love of my life asked me to marry him. Peter, my fiance, I’m still not used to saying that word, but I very much like the sound of it, popped the question in our kitchen back in September of this year, 2010.  This actually is quite apropos since we both love to cook and seem to spend a huge part of our lives in this kitchen.  Lots of details have gotten us to this point, but I know you all have a lot of living left to do so I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest condensed version.

Peter and I went out for a nice dinner, then a movie and returned home, then blam-o out of the blue as we’re standing in the kitchen he gets this strange, far away look on his face and just as I’m going to ask him if he’s experiencing chest pains or something … da da daaaaaaa, the ring comes out.  Now, I as a girl of sound mind and steeped in tradition, ok, I am neither of those things, but what I do have is the foresight to know what’s coming and that I want my beloved down on one knee when he starts speaking those four important words.

So, I did what any girl in my position would do, I formed my hand like the Karate Kid, (the old Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio, not the new Karate Kid, Jaden Smith, – I’m not into remakes).  I promptly and efficiently chopped him on the back of his leg.  He went down fast.  Sorry honey!  He’s not only a very forgiving man, but he has an incredible sense of humor as well.  Once he was in place in the proper position on his knee, even though possibly a bit bruised, I made him start the process over.

And that’s when, without missing a beat he said those four words which poured from his mouth like smooth honey out a hive in the heat of a 90 degree summer’s day down in the Bayou.  “Will you marry me?”  He asked.  I cried and blubbered like a baby but I did eventually manage to squeeze out a “yes.”

We were now officially engaged and thankfully past the stage where friends would ask, “Are you two going to get married,” or as they liked to sing to Peter, Beyonce style, “If you want it then you “should” put a ring on it, oh, o, oh, oh.”

What we didn’t realize was the “little” act of popping the “big”question and the following announcement would result in an immediate and unprecedented flurry of activity and one “big” new question – WHEN? 

I thought maybe I should answer this question in a Mandarin dialect similar to the woman in that ‘70’s Calgon commercial, where the lady at the laundromat said, “Awww ancient Chinese secret.”  But it shouldn’t be a secret, should it?  It’s an exciting time and people were genuinely excited for us.

And that brings me somewhat up to date on our story and how the process of planning for a wedding and all the details that come with it made me think that perhaps I should journal the bridal planning journey and process for others.  A bridal “pay it forward” kind of thing if you will.

Some of the things I have learned so far in the 2 short months since our engagement  became official that I can pass on to you is this:  Embrace this special time, get your creative juices flowing, let those friends and family members that love to plan things, weddings especially, be present for you – they’ll help you save money and time in the process.  For life is all about relationships after all.  Let people enjoy it with you.

I truly believe the wedding process leading up to the wedding is just as important as the actual wedding itself , for the wedding occurs on one day, the planning takes much, much longer – any Simply Chic bride can tell you that 🙂


The Simply Chic Bride


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