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Handmade Tulle Pew Bows for Wedding Ceremony Under $100

Keep your wedding decorating costs down by using pew bows instead of real flowers to decoration your location during the ceremony.

There are many great reasons to use pew bows: 

  • They are reusable
  • They are re-sellable
  • They are easily transportable
  • They won’t wilt or die

Here’s how easy it is to do:

You can buy the pew bows online or purchase pre-made from a store.

We found the handmade tulle and ribbon pew bows (pictured) on Craig’s List for only $60.  This was 50% off what they would have cost if we were to purchase them at a store and they were much more elegant.  There were 18 pew bows total.  We purchased them as “second hand” bows from a bride who was selling items such as her gift card box, unity candle holder, rose petals and pew bows after her wedding.  The bride we bought them from a told us she came up with an idea to have a “bridesmaid bow making party” about one month before her wedding. What fun!

Here’s How To Have a Pew Bow Making Party:

  1. Go to Michael’s Arts and Crafts or Party City and buy the tulle and ribbon.  Keep an eye out for coupons in your Sunday paper for 20% off materials.  The bow making “how to” instructions are marked clearly on each package.
  2. Pre-cut the tulle and ribbon so everything is ready when your friends and family arrive for the “bow making” event.
  3. Serve simple appetizers and drinks for the “bow makers.”
  4. Maybe even watch a fun wedding themed movie while making bows such as Bridesmaids, Runaway BrideFour Weddings and A Funeral or Wedding Crashers.

Simply Chic Bride Suggestion:  At the end of the event perhaps have all the bow makers drop their name in a hat for a drawing as a thank you and give away a gift card, a music CD or a gift basket filled with great smelling lotions and soaps.

Pew Bow Storage, Transportation and Pew Bow Clips:

**Important Tip**   Most churches will not allow anything to be taped or affixed to the church pews.  The clips slide over the top of the pews for easy preparation and dismantling after the service.

  • Once the service is over have your storage tubs handy and a person designated to carefully place the bows back in the tubs to avoid wrinkling for easy resale.

What a wonderful, Simply Chic Bride way for your family and friends to create a great pre-wedding memory and keeping costs down at the same time!

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Say Yes To The Under $50 Flower Girl Dress




Do you need to find a flower girl dress for your upcoming wedding, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, then today’s Simply Chic blog post is for you.


A flower girl dress purchased through a retail store can cost anywhere from $100-$150, with additional charges for alterations.  By using The Simply Chic Bride concept you can find a similar dress for under $50.


Think of it this way…Flower girl dresses are kind of like pianos, when you want a piano, you just gotta have it, but when you are tired of dusting the dang thing, using it as a bookshelf and having it take up half your living room,  you can think of only one thing, you want it “gone.” I found the same desire to want it “gone” applies for flower girl dresses – for once the wedding is over, most people want that cute little dress that came with the big price tag out of their closet. 


By utilizing the power of the internet and your friend/family network you can find that perfect flower girl dress for a fraction of the price or even better yet, for FREE!


Steps to finding a flower girl dress under $50: 


Define how you want your flower girl dress to look, consider these factors – style, size, color, and the choice of material then, start your search using the following steps:


1.  Network, Network, Network  – Ask friends, family members or coworkers if they know someone who may have had a child as a flower girl from a recent wedding and if they would be interested in selling their dress.


 Example:  I did a favor for a friend and found a flower girl dress for her bride on a budget wedding by just asking those within my friend network if they knew anyone that had recently been married.  Then, a friend of a friend said she had a wedding 1 year ago and after a short conversation she divulged that she would like nothing more than to have the flower girl dress out of her closet.  A light bulb went off in my head and I asked her if she wouldn’t mind donating the dress for a bride on a budget wedding, as she was trying to save money due to this tough economy.  This lovely woman donated the dress for the event for free and said she felt wonderful about blessing the bride with her flower girl dress contribution.

2.  Facebook it – By utilizing the power of your “status update” on Facebook you can immediately connect with people who can also pass the word on to their friends list regarding the search for a flower girl dress.  It’s like that Herbal Essence shampoo commercial from the ‘70’s, “you tell two friends, then they tell two friends, and so on, and so on…”  You’ll be amazed at how many people come forward.  People want to help. It feels great for everyone involved.

3.  Buy a dress through a guy named Craig – If you can’t find a dress through Facebooking, or networking with immediate friends/family or coworkers use Craig’s List.  Craig’s List is a great tool that brings people that want to get rid of something together with people that want what you don’t want.  The Craig’s List equation works something like this,  you can expect to pay about 50-60% below retail pricing.


I found this flower girl dress on Craigs List (with an off white bow) for my upcoming wedding for $30.  My winter themed wedding colors are black and white.  I then changed the look of the dress by purchasing a black bow for $15 from David’s Bridal in order to match our wedding colors.  The grand total was $45!   See how a different bow totally changes the look of the dress?


Simply Chic Craig’s List Shopping Tips:


1.  Go to http://craigslist.com  and search in the specific area where you are willing to travel to look at the dress. 


2.  Narrow your flower girl dress search by using words such as wedding, flower girl dress or new with tags flower girl (NWT), or never worn. You can also get great deals on dresses that might have been worn once, but dry cleaned, or they will be sold cheap enough that you dry clean them and still get them for half the price as purchased in a store. The options are endless, but “be warned” finding Craig’s List bargains can be habit forming J

3.  Bring your flower girl with you to your Craig’s List dress appointment to ensure the dress fits correctly. 


Simply Chic Great Idea:  When my daughter was five, she was the flower girl in my sister’s wedding.  She loved her flower girl dress so much she insisted on wearing it for her school picture that year.  It turned out to be the cutest school picture she ever took and we saved $30 on buying a new outfit for photos that year too!



Flower girl fun fact:


The flower girl and the tradition of walking before the bride and tossing petals dates back to old English tradition. It was customary back then to have the entire bridal party walk behind a small girl as she tossed flowers . . . all the way to the church.


Do you have any inexpensive wedding decorating ideas to pass along?  Email us with your photos and tips! 


  Simply Chic Quote:

 “The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply.”
                                                             ~Kahlil Gibran

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Branch Out With Inexpensive Holiday Wedding Decorating Ideas

If you are having an upcoming winter wedding this blog post is for you!  Today’s Simply Chic tip focuses on decorating the outside of your home or small wedding venue for under $50.

Here’s how The Simply Chic concept works for this particular tip.  Last summer during a spell of sweltering 90 degree heat I helped my sister weed her large flower garden which was being taken over by daisies and white yarrow.  (If you are a gardener, you know how daisies and white yarrow can make a gardener crazier than Lizzie Borden).   My sister loves decorating for Christmas and she just so happens to have more pine trees on her property than Mr. and Mrs. Claus have at the North Pole.  So we did what any loving sisters would do – we traded our skills and services and blessed each other.  I helped my sister weed her garden and she in turn helped me decorate my window boxes.

Here’s what you’ll need for this simple project:

  • A friend or family member with some pine trees.
  • Approximately 2 hours of time out of your busy schedule.
  • A good pair of gloves, an old coat (that you don’t mind if you get pine sap on), your Ipod with holiday music to get you in the mood, a visiting neighbor dog to keep you company.
  • A home or small venue reception site.
  • Window boxes and outdoor pots.
  • Strings of white or colored Christmas lights.
  • Spray painted ice skates, old fashioned sled, old fashioned letter box.
  • Dried hydrangea, dogwood branches, any of your favorite dried tall stemmed flowers and large pine cones.
  • Outdoor ice lantern mold.

Easy Steps For Beautiful Holiday Window Boxes


  1. Unload and lay out all your pine branches
  2. Place the pine branches in your window boxes to ensure you have enough for the areas you want to cover.  To add texture, place the pine hanging over the edge of the window boxes.
  3. Lay down your Christmas lights evenly dispersed throughout the pine boughs.
  4. Fill in large empty spaces with cute Christmas or holiday winter decorations such as an old fashioned sled or cute children’s skates.
  5. Reduce large boring spots by drawing your eye toward an old toboggan or old fashioned skis.
  6. Add tall dogwood branches, grasses, dried flowers or stiff pine branches for added texture at the back of your boxes.

And there you have it, beautiful Simply Chic outdoor decorations for your winter wedding, all for under $50.

Where items mentioned in this blog can be found:

Bundles of pine cones can be found at Michael’s Stores or arts and crafts stores for under $5.

The skates, skiis, old fashioned sled and toboggan, even the Christmas lights can all be found at local thrift stores or garage sales $30.

The free pine boughs were cut from my sister’s trees.  The free hydrangea and pussy willows were collected at the end of summer from her garden and then dried and stored in her garage until winter.

The ice lantern mold can be found online by googling “Outdoor Ice Lanterns,” or visit European Garden.com.  If you are in Minnesota, I found this one at Otten Brothers Garden  Landscape Center $20.

Do you have any inexpensive outdoor decorating ideas to pass along?  Email us with your photos and tips!

“You are wealthy when you have something money can’t buy.”

~ Garth Brooks



The Simply Chic Bride

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