About Us

The current state of our economy has affected all of us in some way, shape or form. The “bride to be’s” of today are finding their weddings are no exception and planning a wedding on a budget has never been more necessary.  In the past, the parents of the bride would most likely pay for the entire affair, but many of today’s bride’s are also finding that as a direct result of the economy this has severely affected how much their parents’ can contribute to their upcoming nuptials.

Many brides are opting for a more “Simply Chic” wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon. Yes, you can still have the wedding of your dreams you just need to morph the traditional wedding planning process a bit by utilizing the power of the internet, networking with family and friends and embrace the art of finding a great bargain using fun, creative and innovative new concepts.

We created this site to help you do just that. With this relationship based wedding planning process you will create stronger relationships and memories that truly do last a lifetime and not just for you and the groom but for the guests too!  Whether you are a first time bride or perhaps this is your second time around and you and your fiancé are funding the special occasion yourselves – by keeping your costs down, by “thinking out of the cake box ideas” and by having a simpler more intimate wedding and reception you can make all your dreams come true and celebrate your big day in style!  For it may all come together on one calendar day celebration, but the months of process and preparation that lead up to your wedding are just as important.

The Simply Chic Bride was created by Molly Friedenfeld, a Minneapolis mother, wife and visionary, who wants to help other brides create that perfect “simply chic” wedding.  


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